Netherlands based architecture studio, ready for challenges on every scale.

Creating spaces that enrich people's lives is at the heart of what we do. We approach design with a focus on the human experience and work to create a harmonious interplay between all design elements, from the grandest to the most intimate.

Design on all scales

As architects, we feel connected to the people who use our buildings. We shape their dreams and ideas in relation to their built environment. That's why we strive to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and sustainable, on all scales. Our focus on the human scale extends from xl to xs. In our designs we strive for a sense of harmony between coarse and fine, between grand and intimate, in which design contributes to the human experience on all scales. 


We design sustainably. We consider the environmental impact of our projects and strive to use materials and techniques that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. We believe that by designing with innovative techniques, we can create spaces that not only meet the needs of today, but above all have a positive effect on the people who live their lives in our designs, also in the future.

Innovative Design

By embracing innovation in the design process, we as architects have the opportunity to create buildings that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and above all suitable for the needs of the end user. Each design requires its own aesthetics – not only in relation to the past - but does justice to the technical possibilities and social challenges of today and tomorrow.

Combining Strengths

Our agency enters partnerships in the chain of design, construction, and production. Together we try to make the impossible possible. The power of prefab construction and custom production ensures a smooth and cost-efficient process, so that the quality of architecture, - of the grandest gesture and smallest detail can be paramount.

Olav van der Doorn

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